Invest in Greek Real Estate and enjoy your permanent stay in Europe!


Invest in Greek Real Estate and enjoy your permanent stay in Europe!

Golden Visa offers a unique opportunity! It is a free pass to Schengen countries, without any further requirements. Among them is Greece, the most competitive among of the countries that offer the ability to acquire a Golden Visa. How to achieve it? Invest on a property in Greece for a minimum of € 250.000 and become an EU resident.

Why Greece?
Greece is considered as one of the best destinations in the world. Astonishing islands, perfect climate, amazing culture and perfect geographic position are only some of the many pros. Greece is also well known for its Mediterranean cuisine, safety, vibrant lifestyle, great hospitality. According to the testimonies of many visitors there is no other place like Greece. That is why many choose living in Greece.

Real estate in Greece
Compared to other European countries Greece offers the ability to potential investors to acquire the so-called Golden Visa with the minimum investment budget all around Europe. Another major plus is that there is not a minimum stay requirement for the Greek residency permit.

Golden Visa Law 4251/2014
According to the Greek Parliament non-EU citizens can be granted residency by investing the minimum value €250,000 in Greek real estate. The residency permit applies both to the investor and their family. The permit is permanent. It is renewed every 5 years.

Elite Real Estate by your side
An experienced team in the real estate sector can guarantee a fast and trouble-free real estate transaction. We are committed to provide excellent customer service with personal attention to your needs.

Finally, we are available to help you manage your property, if you chose not to live in it. We can find suitable tenants, collect rents and pay the bills on your behalf, so you have a secure and problem-free investment.

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