The real estate agency ELITE REAL ESTATE offers help and contributes in its own way to the continuation of the work of SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES.

By making your purchase through our real estate agency, you are doing your part by supporting their work so that they can continue to offer help and support to children and families who need it.

Upon completion of the contract, the amount of 50 euros in total will be deposited by the brokerage office into the SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES account as a sample offer, thus making you a helper in this project.

Without any charge, you help the work of SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES to continue and the company ELITE REAL ESTATE not only to stay true to its values and ideals, but to continue to convey and transmit the real meaning of its corporate responsibility for the program we follow "a house for all".

The donation in your name, which will be made equally by buyer - seller, will be certified and proven by the thank you letter you will receive from SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES, with the donation of 25 euros (from each part) deposited in your name

Support us to continue to offer what we believe to be "a house for all".