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Velika parcel sale

€ 40.000,= / $ 42,876.= * * For informational purposes only. Exchange rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates.

Description of the property

For sale productive plot of 9074 sq.m in Velika Messinia.

The parcel is angular, located at an altitude of 28 meters and contains 140 olive roots.

The fenced parcel faces a 174 meter rural road. Possibility for drilling since a study has been done for the existence of water in the parcel.

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For the indication of the property, topographic and other supporting documents, it is necessary to provide the agency your police identity and your A.F.M. according to Law 4072 / 11-4-2012 Government Gazette 86 A.

Topographic information

It is located within an approved G.P.S. of Messini (Zones of Other Agricultural Land - LP1) | does not fall under the provisions of Law 1337/83 and does not owe a contribution in land and money.

No high-voltage overhead transmission lines of the PPC, or natural gas pipelines pass within the plot and no stream passes within 20 m of it.

Distance from the sea 2200 μ.

Distance from the center of Velika 500 μ.

*The agency is not responsible for the completeness/correctness and building condition of each plot. The building data is derived from the topographic map provided by the seller. The engineer of the buyer is responsible for the inspection.


Parcel photos:

Parcel video:

* The address is an approximate area and not the actual address of the property.

Area information and accesibility:

Rural area of Velika Messinia

Access to the plot is by asphalt and cement road as a rural road.

Location - distances:

  • Velika Center, 3 min, 500 m.

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