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Plot for sale 466 sq.m.

Plot for sale in Messini Messinias The plot with a building factor of 0.8 and 466m2, gives development opportunities for home, business or investment. It is at a distance of 14km from the center of Kalamata, 5,2km from Bouka beach Messini and 21km from Ancient Messina. The central point a few meters away from the central junction of Messini is a passage for the whole of Messinia in order to visit areas such as Petalidi, Kalamaki, Finikounda, Pylos, Gialova etc.

Historic Facts:
Messini (ή Νησί) is built on the right bank of the river Παμίσου, at the bottom of the Messinian plain, the Homeric "Makar pedion" or "Makaria", as it is still called today. It is headquarters ομώνυμου Δήμου 11,041 cat.) And the city, became the muse of the writer Sotiris Patatzis who immortalized her as "Drunk State" in the novel of the same name, which describes a large part of city life in Μεσοπόλεμο. Probably the location "Limnai" mentioned by the traveler. Παυσανίας «έστι δε εν τη μεσογαίω, κώμη Καλάμαι και Λίμναι χωρίον» (Βιβλίο 4 , 31,3,1-2) 

Although the word "village" means space and not "village", we should probably consider the reference as a suggestive inhabited space. At the same time, the "village of Kalamai" is probably the current village of Kalami and of course not Kalamata. Kalamata. Even today, a district of the oldest Parish of Messina, that of Agios Dimitrios, ονομάζεται «Λιμοχώρι», πιθανώς εκ παραφθοράς του «Λιμνοχώρι» (αφού λιμός-πείνα δεν θα μπορούσε ποτέ να ενσκήψει στο ευφορότερο σημείο της Μεσσηνίας, εκτός αυτού υπάρχει πρόσβαση σε ψάρια).

Πηγή: wikipedia.gr

Beaches in the area:


The plot is located in a central location next to the 3 large Super Market at the entrance of Messina. Can be used for home or business. 

The plot has a large entrance from an asphalt road and is a few meters from the main junction that connects Messina with Kalamata and other areas of Messinia. 



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